Share your Adoption Story Today!

Due to the lack of representation, the adoption community has been surrounded by negative stereotypes for too long.

Our mission is to share real stories within the adoption community to debunk misconceptions and provide the authentic representation that is needed.

The chemistry of Adoption


The Inspiration:

During quarantine, I have expanded my knowledge in the stem field by attending conferences, workshops, and summits (virtually ofcourse). Each time, I have felt more and more empowered by the resilient women in the fields due to their courage and willingness to inspire others. I guess you could say, I have been in quite the "science-Y" mood and vibe lately. That is the back story as to why I have decided to share this cheesy, but very much needed series with you all. We could all use a little smile in the middle of a global pandemic, so I want to hone in on your inner scientist and even dig up some old vocabulary words. 

In this series, we highlight all adoption stories and ensure the authenticity for the viewers who are truly learning about this process. Like any chemical reaction, it takes multiple reactants to form a solution. With adoption always being an open solution, let's understand the components that go into them. 

We will discuss the "elements" of an adoption story, the "organics" of our adoption community, and much more! I am super pumped for this and I will keep you all updated as we continue this exciting series!