The 'one second' impact (Send the Love to Myanmar Drive Recap)

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

It is official! Made of Love Not Genes has gone international! I am SO excited to share that my first shipment of donations will be on its way to multiple orphanages in Myanmar! With YOUR help, I was able to donate just over 100 jars of multivitamins, countless books, crayons, and pens! This is just the beginning of so much more to come and I hope to have you through it all! Something I wanted to talk a little bit about in this post is ‘impact’. You have no idea how many times I questioned if what I do on social media, on this website, and sending over donations really even makes an impact. It get difficult for me because at my age, I am supposed to lay on the couch all day and watch netflix (I have been told to do that so many times), but the reality for me is that I find a busy life and happy life. I don’t find joy in watching tv 24/7. I have invested lots of my time into Made of Love Not Genes, and that is in addition to my school clubs, sports, school in general, but how much of an impact am I really making? I can post all I want, but will people even see it? When I first took on the Myanmar project, I was so obsessed with the numbers and how MANY (in numbers) I could raise. But as time passed, I realized it was not about the numbers, it was about the quality and the purpose of the project. I could have donated 2,000 jars of multivitamins, and the truth is, the problems and challenges those children face still would not be resolved. What does matter though is that there was so much thought and passion put into this project once I found my purpose. ‘Love’ is the strongest word in my opinion, and my purpose of this project was not to reach some number, it was to send' thelove’ to the children in Myanmar. Imagine not having a family or not knowing where your next meal will come from. Those children that have those feelings on a daily basis won’t feel that, even if it is just for a day. When they receive the jars, one crayon, or marker they feel something; they feel loved. They have that knowledge that someone cares about them. In that exact moment, that is the ‘impact’ we don’t think we make. In fact, that applies to everyday life. Every interaction can impact someone. I choose smiles and positivity because I know school kinda sucks (sorry mom), and I think smiles can be that source of happiness people need on a school day. When I smile and wave (quite enthusiastically), that smile I receive back is the ‘impact’ I made. Sure, it lasts one second, but if every single one of us on this planet took one second to do something to give someone that one second of feeling ‘loved,’ that is the impact that is overlooked and not many people recognize. Now, you are probably thinking wow, this girl thinks she has not made an impact as she literally sent donations overseas. Well, yes, but my idea of an impact is usually that of one so vast that it affects the whole world at once. However, as I talked about through this whole post, an impact is small at first, but it spreads profusely. An impact cannot be made by just one individual- however, with many individuals unifying together, they can make an impact greater than any one imaginable. Overall, ‘impact’ is overrated, and not many people actually know the true meaning of an ‘impact’. I am proud of “sending the love to Myanmar” because with you ALL, we were able to impact those children in that one second.

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