Taneisha Imani Lormand

Welcome to my first adoption story spotlight!!! I am so excited for this specific post because this special person is one of my best friends that I met through Tae Kwon Do. Without further due, this is Taneisha's story.

At age 16, Taneisha's mom gave birth to her. When Taneisha was just three, her mother was arrested and Taneisha began her journey in the foster care systems. She lived in a children's shelter in Florida for a while before she was moved to her first foster family. She lived with that family for awhile, but was then adopted by a family when she was five years old. Unfortunately, at age 9, Taneisha went back to the children's shelter. There, she met her forever parents, but at that time they were just her foster parents. She was 10 when she went with her foster parents and she was 11 when she became a part of their family.

As mentioned before, Taneisha went through three foster families before finding her forever family. She says, "at one point I thought I was going to age out of the system". This isn't unordinary in foster systems. When the child turns 18, now, young adult is sent into the real world.

Taneisha is forever thankful for what her adoptive parents provided her. They helped her find a passion for choir, theater, and swimming. She says that she felt an instant connection with her family from the beginning.

Taneisha's biological mom has not reached out to her yet that she knows of and when I asked if she wanted to try to find her she wasn't sure. If she were to have the opportunity, Taneisha admits she would not know what to say. Personally for me, I feel the same way. I don't know if I want to go out and look for my birth parents. Mainly because I don't want to be disappointed.

Now, Taneisha is 18 years old and actually has a birthday coming up! She is currently enrolled at Florida International University. She plans to obtain a masters degree in recreational sports management so she can later on become a sports therapist.

Taneisha's story is so inspiring and unique. She has been through so much. From battling anger issues, to depression, she has proven to be the epitome of a strong, confident, and kind person.

I want to thank Taneisha for opening up about her story and allowing me to share it with you all. I hope you learned that every adoption is different and every child has gone through many obstacles and family is what completes them. If you or someone you know has a story that you would like shared, you can email me at made.of.love.not.genes@gmail.com

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