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Hey everyone, I DEEPLY apologize for being so inactive lately on the lately, but I want to let you know that I have some exciting things that I have been planning! I wanted to give you a little update on how my life has been going. FIRST OFF- I JUST COMPETED AT MISS PENNSYLVANIA’S OUTSTANDING TEEN AND PLACED 2ND RUNNER UP!!! Crazy right! I am so proud of my placement and all the other girls because it was an amazing week with them! Then after states, I toured Washington DC with my family and then I got into the swing of my summer routine. During the week I volunteer at St. Luke’s and Camelot For Children. Also wanted to take a second to note that I am trying hard to avoid my summer homework. Ok, but hopefully you have been keeping up with me on my social media handles because I recently took on a social media challenge.

My bestie for the restie, Kayla Meyers nominated me for the pageant girl/parent challenge. I wanted to be transparent during this challenge just like I usually try to do. I nominated some of my fav girls and shared some pretty legit photos. Hence the fortnite dances @Maddie. Now, I want to take a second and reflect on the experiences I had with my sister queens.

If you have ever wanted to enter a scholarship pageant in the Miss America Organization, but are hesitant to because of the girls. ENTER THAT PAGEANT! Allow me to tell you that every single one of these girls that I have met is so genuine, so authentic, and so down to earth. I truly think that that in itself is what sets the Miss America Organization apart from others. The sisterhood is strong in other systems, but in the MAO, there is just none like no other. At the end of the day it is a competition, but the friendships is what lasts forever. When you really think about it, everyone wants to win, but there’s only one winner. The friends you make during your years in this organization is astounding and they will stay with you throughout your life. Even if you do win, your reign lasts for one year. With this being said, my biggest advice for entering this system is to enjoy yourself and follow the plan. There is already a plan for you, so follow it! And finally, to all my best friends 5rough this Organization, thank you for being YOU!!

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