Seeing the light of Covid-19

Updated: Jul 25

If we can please cancel the coronavirus, I would gladly like that, but that is not the case unfortunately. This global pandemic has canceled so many events I was looking forward to for a long time. I was supposed to go to ModelUN, attend a Diversity Leadership Conference, be in a St. Patrick's Day parade, watch a new Miss Philly's OT get crowned, and hang out with Miss America. That was all in just one weekend, now everything is canceled until further notice. This past Wednesday, I was supposed to attend the W.I.S.E. Forum for my second time, and while I had the opportunity to go last year, my heart goes out for everyone where this was their last year to go, or if it was their first. As an athlete, my heart breaks for those who cannot do what they love especially out seniors who have worked for so long to make it where they are now. My heart goes out for all the students who worked tirelessly for their once-a-year events such as DECA, Science Olympia, and FLBA. The fact is, I am only naming a few things that canceled AND only school related events. The entire world is just canceled or postponed, and to be honest it STINKS!!! However, I wanted this post to be a beacon of hope for those who need it. I feel that the media has in so many ways, made this worse. I know it is dangerous and I am social distancing and everything, but one thing that they have been doing is evoking fear. Fear is such a powerful aspect that can be used against humanity. Instead of evoking fear, we need to be educating our people about the reality, but also show that there is hope. I want to flip the script for just a few seconds.

This disease has driven us apart, but we have unified as well. The media covers the topics about how countries won't share their medicine or cures, and while that is unfortunate, we also need to realize that they need to save their people first and that we would act the same way if we were in the same position. On the other hand, can someone please recognize how many people have provided free masterclasses via social media. Or, how many people have written letters to patients in isolation and the elders. What about the donations of food, toilet paper (seriously what is up guys?), and other products to help sustain families in need. Additionally, the presence of sea animals returning to our water sources, For instance, the dolphins in the Venice canals. China is the leading country in carbon emissions, but with the quarantine, their percentages dropped around 25% (Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air in Finland). Satellites at NASA indicate better air quality. The fact that the environment is improving in such a short period of time should be a wake up call to not quit, but minimize some of our actions that are not as needed. On another note, the unification of people and the genuine concern we have expressed for one another is such a force that cannot be reckoned with. It sounds cliche, but the more you hear it, the better. Unfortunately, many of our local businesses have been hurting, but the support from the people speaks otherwise. I have seen countless posts about people reaching out and buying gift cards and of course utilize the blessing of curbside pickup. On social media, there have been challenges that have been lifting each other up. We are using times like these to connect with each other digitally and in other ways never imaginable! Imagine what it would have been like if this occurred in a total different time period. Our advancements in medicine and technology will lead us to a solution to this, so do not give up on hope.

Just to clarify, I am not ignoring the amount of deaths or ignoring those affected in any way, I just believe we all need a gentle reminder of something good.

Also before I go, a thank you is in order to everyone at the forefront of this. To our healthcare employees (nurses, doctors, janitors, etc) thank you for going to work everyday to ensure those infected or not are receiving the best care possible. To our small businesses, thanks for staying strong through all this! I hope we can all make it through this, and legislation is on your side, they are passing bills and providing aid as we speak. To our stores and salespeople, you all are crazy cool! Thank you for putting up with worried customers, masses of people, and all of the above. TO YOU, STAY HOME. I know it is whack, but there are so many things that can be done. Follow Rapunzel's schedule and clean your house, then bingewatch (like me), spend time with your family, and catch up on sleep. Also, with all this extra time, I have been able to catch up on exercise. Youtube workouts are highly recommended! Try out a new recipe or give someone you love a call. In the end, it it up to us, and every effort makes a difference.

Expect more posts coming out soon and I'll also post a separate post on organizations in need for donations during this time!

All in all, I just wanted to post this to let you know that under the surface of this negativity, there has been light that beams through. The coronavirus is not a joke, and if we all do our part in social distancing, washing our hands, and staying positive, we can reach the end of this so much quicker. On that note, DO NOT GIVE UP ON HOPE.


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