Rosh Hashanah

L'Shana tovah!!!!!!!!! Rosh Hashanah has come upon us! I honestly have no idea what this holiday is, so I am going to do some research and I thought that I would share it with you all! Currently we are on the second day of this special celebration! In a nut shell, it is the Jewish New Year. However, you know me too well. I am going to dive a little bit more beneath the surface to get some historical context and some unique traditions. Some of these traditions include candle lighting and ofcourse, festive meals are a definite must. Challah is a type of bread the people Jewish people eat every Friday. However, for Rosh Hashanah, the bread is made round to symbolize the the new year that is coming in a full circle and the continuity that is to come. To ring in a "sweet" new year, apples and honey are eaten for dinner. Services are attended by the Jewish community where they blow the Shofar which is a horn (typically made out of a Ram's horn. " The first 30 blasts of the shofar are blown following the Torah reading during morning services, and as many as 70 additional are blown during (and immediately after) the Musafservice, adding up to 100 blasts over the course of the Rosh Hashanah morning services" ( Overall, the holiday rings in the new year bringing posterity and good fortune. This was a quick post, but I thought that I would provide you with some information about this important holiday people are celebrating for these three days.


and Emma Szydlow

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