Why Asha Kiran?

     Happy Monday everyone! THIS Friday is the kickoff for my virtual race! I hope you all will take part! Donations are now being accepted on my website and when you checkout, a link will be given to you to access the google form to submit your times and distances! Remember, this is not just a running event!!! You can walk, bike, you name it!!!!

     I am really excited to announce our first location in which donations will be sent to! Half of the funds raised from this virtual race will be going to the Asha Kiran Home for Orphan Girls. There are two orphanages. One is located in Bhubaneswar which is the capital of the state Odisha. The second orphanage is in Kandhamal which is another city in Odisha. For geographic context, Odisha is on the eastern coast of India. The donations will be specifically utilized to purchase groceries for all the girls and workers. That means, YOUR donations will be used directly for food, toiletries, medicine, and all the essential needs for each person there!


  The reason why I chose this orphanage is because of the situation India faces and how this orphanage foundation is combating it. Currently in India, epidemics such as female foeticide, gendercide, and neglect faces millions of newborns and young Indian girls. Newborn babies that are girls are being neglected and even killed just because they are a girl. This issue is personal to me because it is relevant in China and even during the time I was born. If you are interested in learning more about this issue that faces these countries, Amazon Prime has a documentary released titled, “It’s a Girl.” I recently watched this documentary during quarantine and learned about issues we are very fortunate to not face here in America. Even watching the preview on youtube or any other platform broadens our view to realize that there are more issues globally. It is my hope to help these survivors who seeked safety in this orphanage. The Asha Kiran Homes are currently providing a home for 55 girls and women in India during this pandemic. However, due to COVID-19, accessing the basic necessities has become difficult and fundraising for their foundation has decreased significantly. Please join me in my #Race4Adoption and make a donation to support this orphanage and everyone in it. Your local donation is making a worldwide impact. Thank you so much and I hope to see you race soon! 

     To register, visit madeoflovenotgenes.org/give. Choose your donation. Checkout and race! Submit your times and distances through the google form provided when you checkout!

     Also, for more information about the Asha Kiran Home and their mission, please visit www.ashakiranfoundation.org :)

Sincerely and with a smile,

Avia Weber

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