Why Salvation Army Children's Services?

Happy Tuesday! I hope that you are powering through this week with your heads lifted high because it is almost race time! Remember to visit madeoflovenotgenes.org/give to donate now and then you will submit the google form after you have completed your virtual race! I am really pumped to introduce our next destination that will benefit from this race. 

     The location I announced yesterday was halfway across the globe, so I decided to also keep your donations local. In fact, they are benefitting children right here in Pennsylvania! The second destination is the Salvation Army Children’s Services in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I had the privilege to volunteer and work with this incredible organization back in 2018, and I am more than excited to help again now! 

     Since May is National Foster Care Awareness, I wanted to benefit an organization that helps all of our foster children and families! To give you a little more information, your donations will be put to good use! They will benefit children in foster care and those who have been adopted too locally right here in the Lehigh Valley! Also, they are being used to train foster and adoptive families, provide matching services, provide post-adoption services, and even more! Unlike the Asha Kiran Home that will use the funds for just groceries, this is impacting the whole foster care system here in Pennsylvania. We are helping the mission to find each child a forever family! I am very humbled that we are able to support two amazing causes in one event. I truly hope that you will do so as well by registering for my #Race4Adoption at madeoflovenotgenes.org/give . Have a great day everyone!

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