#Race4Adoption Kick Off

We are excited to announce that Made of Love Not Genes is hosting our second #Race4Adoption 5k this Saturday and Sunday (May 15th&16th)! This Virtual 5k Fundraiser will benefit two amazing charities and encourage physical activity at your own pace. You can walk, run, bike or do whatever you want to conquer your 5k. It’s your course at your own pace for a great cause! Register now by donating through this link: https://hack.ms/race4adoption

https://hack.ms/race4adoption . ALL proceeds from this event will be donated to the Grace Children’s Orphanage and Aadarana organization which are both in the country of India.

In light of the current challenges the country of India is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in which the case count has risen to 22.7 million and took more than 246,000 lives. MLNG is asking for your help to raise relief funds for two orphanages in Central and on the Eastern Coast of India. Your donation will be used to provide food, PPE, and educational programs for the children and workers at each of these institutions. In addition to the current state of COVID-19, we want to introduce you to the individual missions of each organization as well.

In 1996, a cyclone devastated the area. This prompted the creation of the Grace Orphanage. Having lost nearly everything, children were left without families and resources. The heavy rain washed away much of their infrastructure and caused diseases including typhus and cholera to rise in the area. Millions of people remained as a suffering population. Seeing this, Rev. N. John David Raju opened his home to many orphan children to provide them with resources. This led to the creation of the Grace Orphanage. Today, the orphanage serves more than 100 children and is seeking donations to maintain the health and safety of each child. COVID-19 has created several challenges to costs and accessibility to the resources needed to help each child. Your donation will be donated to their COVID-19 Relief Fund to pay for food and medical supplies to protect all at the orphanage as the cases continue to rise.

The second charity benefiting from the 5k fundraiser is the Aadarana Home which provides about 80 children of different ages with food, shelter, and an education. Mr. Jadi Madhava Rao, post graduate in mathematics, recognized the alarming amount of children begging on the streets of Hyderabad. Since then, he identified how he could help these children and created the Aadarana home. The school has about 15 highly qualified and experienced teachers, a leadership team, and forms of transportation. The cost of education is free to each of the children in this home and seek to extend their services to junior college programs. Your donation will be evenly split to continue providing these educational costs under the COVID-19 Relief sector which aims to protect each student and staff member.

Thank you so much for your endless support! We were quiet for a bit, but we are so ready to get back into what we do!



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