Element #32 - Grace White

Grace White - she/her(s) - Adoptee

Instagram - https://linktr.ee/graceyw | Business email address queenofeverything999@gmail.com

Special date: 12/5/2003 (Bday) & March 2004 (Gotcha Day)

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Grace White. I am 16 years old almost 17. I am a junior in high school. I make YouTube videos to educate people and talk about hard and sensitive topics like mental health and adoption. I am also a hardcore reader and writer. I do have two books- more like starts of books out on Wattpad. I love and am very thankful for my family and friends and the amazing communities that I am part of!

How are you impacted by adoption?

I was adopted through Holt International at 15 months old from Jiangxi, China by my loving parents. I am a transracial and transnational adoptee as well as a Chinese adoptee. I am the only adoptee on my dads side of the family but on my moms side of the family I have two cousins that are both adopted as well so adoption was already known to the family. When I was younger and still am I am pretty close to both of them, one of the especially since she is also adopted from China.

What is the biggest challenge you faced related to adoption?

My biggest challenges are the feelings of in between. I am too white to be Asian but I am also too Asian to be a American. So the journey of finding a good side of those two racial identities and joining the two worlds together is pretty hard. My other challenge are the unknowns and not knowing the whys, where’s, who’s, when’s, how’s and what’s around my adoption story.

What do you wish people knew about adoption?

Being an adoptee, we have a hard loss than anyone else. Everyday of our life we are mourning the lost of our biological family members. We mourn even if we have an amazing adoptive family. We lost a huge part of ourselves. We will have a lot of hardships after all adoptees are 4x likely to commit suicide. We are at risk of dealing with mental health disorders. I also wish that people don’t seen us as a charity thing or to help people with boasting there self esteem. It is not anyone else’s job to fix us as many of us have some disabilities that are a huge part of our daily struggles. It’s your job to help us succeed in this world and provide a home that safe as well as loving.

What have you done to support the adoption community?

I started a YouTube Channel and made videos that I believe and hope will help teach people about all sides of the triad of the adoption triangle. Help show the good and the bad and not everything is so black and white about adoption and the feelings surrounding adoption. I became the content creator of the Instagram account: Girls Adoption Connect and I joined the team of Made Of Love Not Genes as well. I hope sharing my story and uplifting others stories helps show the world about adoption and its complex emotions.

How has your opinion about adoption changed as you got older?

When I was younger I couldn’t form words to explain my feelings about or even surrounding my adoption. But once I got older I started to dream about what I came from. When I was in 8th grade when things got pretty hard for me mentally and emotionally that’s when I went into discovering myself as a adoptee and finding out who and what I want to be as a person. Like the types of adoptees are: like transracial and transnational adoptees as well. I also discovered by being part of many groups on social media the different terms that they use being the same thing and how connected it can be to pets to people like Gotcha Day.

What has helped/supported you through learning your adoption story?

I haven’t went into depth surrounding my adoption yet. I am just entering the journey of getting out of the fog. But the amazing people that are behind me and supporting me are my friends, the amazing adoption community/families that I am part of, and my family as well as therapists.

What is your favorite quote/lesson you learned?

“My birth mother brought me into this world, but it was my adoptive parents who gave me life.” – Christina Romo This quote speaks to me because I have two amazing set of parents that both love me. My birth mom and father made me with their DNA and give me a chance of a good life. It was my parents who was their to hug me when I was hurt, took care of me when I was ill, and who give me a roof over my head. Help me overcome with obstacles that I face daily. They both are my real parents and even though I may have mixed feelings of my biological parents especially my bio mother, she is the one that carried me for 9 months in her womb. She and my birth father are my first parents they give me all my looks and features. Even though I can be a brat and a pain in the butt with my parents I am thankful for them because they give me this amazing family and a roof over my head and most importantly love as well as my personality. I have the best of both worlds! I love both of them always ❤️

Tell us anything else you want people to know.

Please join me on my journey! It would mean a lot to me!

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