It's Time for the "Dream" Come True.

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "...promise that all men- yes, black men as well as white men- would be guaranteed the unalienable rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood." King Jr.'s words address the dire need for social reform in the United States. He had a dream that his children could live in unison with the white people without having to face the adversity African Americans have faced. 1963 was supposed to be the year where everything would change. Acceptance and respect are long overdue until this day. His speech was given 57 years ago come August. The United States and the world for a matter of fact have had 57 years to get their stuff together. Discrimination is impermissible. Leaving one out because they are different has been the norm for too long. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream was valid and many can agree that this country should strive the meet his dream. That is because if we all lived equal- think of all the mile markers and checkpoints we would surpass together. We are more successful together than we are apart. It is cliche. You hear that and you agree, but people have heard it too much that it is just dismissed. Who is actually taking action? People acknowledge that equity needs to be reached, but why are we not seeing a change? That is where you can come in. You see, that is the beauty of humanity; we have the opportunity to make a change and set forth new opportunities for ourselves and the future people too. People ask why should we do all this if it just helps the future and not as now. That is the complete opposite. If we take action now instead of just sitting around and saying it needs to happen, it CAN happen in our lifetime for sure. Yes, there will still be people who do not see the same, but that is their choice. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out for a change and took action by educating people and getting the awareness out there. His work was the initiation, now it is our duty to fully fulfill his dream and here's my message...

Dear Hollywood,

We need to see more representation on our television screens. The average American adult spends 5 hours and 4 minutes a day glued to the television (Nielson Report). This THE opportunity to represent ALL backgrounds, cultures, identities, abilities, and disabilities. Hollywood, you are one of the most powerful forces in the world and almost everyone is connected to you. You have the power and ability to make one of the biggest impacts.



Dear Political and World Leaders,

You are watched by people all across this beautiful planet we call home. You have a platform that can reach essentially everyone. You represent all the people and diverse backgrounds. This is why you have the power to address, in my opinion, the biggest epidemic; the diversity epidemic. There are people who do not know there neighbors and their backgrounds. You have the power to campaign for change and represent all of us and not just one class. It is YOUR job to represent us ALL.



Dear Education Systems,

From the beginning Pre-K to medical school, it is your job to educate our future. You can incorporate the topics of diversity into your classrooms anytime. My favorite is biology. Perfect example for an opportunity to speak out about the requirement of the need for diversity. Diversity is not an option. Schools need to teach that and science does. Genetic diversity is required to keep a species alive. When we learn about crossing over in meiosis; that is why diversity is required. ALL of us have to be different in some way or another to truly allow our species to evolve. So to you education, you have the future literally in your hands.



Dear You,

You have made it this far in my post and that says a lot in itself. Do you consider yourself narrow minded or open to new cultures? I hope you are open minded because that allows you to love. It is proven that if you can love, you can be happy. One of our biggest goals in life is to reach the so called dream "happiness." Truly, our whole world can all be happy and coexist at the same time. That is quite the dream that is quite achievable. So yes, it starts with you. Incorporate diversity topics into your small talk, educate your children about your neighbors, and know that everyone has their own stories that affects their daily lives. Having this knowledge is what moves us forward together. There you have it. You have the power to take action by being open. Now, I want to make it clear that I am not forcing anything upon you, I am just merely requesting that you think about people's backgrounds because everyone has one. The next time you are quick to judge, what are they going through? Instead of judging, turn to helping and providing a society where equity and equality is reached.

Sincerely and with a smile,

Avia Weber

In conclusion, 57 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his monumental speech and it is about time to fulfill his dream. Its time for the "dream" to come true.