Adoption through the U.S Foster Care System

HAPPY FRIDAY! For the fourth and final week of my adoption campaign, I will tell you everything you need to know about one of the four ways to adopt! This week I will be educating you about adoption through the United States Foster Care System. I wanted to save foster care for the very last since May is Foster Care Awareness Month!

The Dave Thomas Foundation focuses their mission on this certain type of adoption. A lot of children are waiting to be adopted in the foster care system. In fact, in the United States alone, there are nearly 450,000 children in the system that are waiting for a forever family. The average age for the children is 8 years old. Although, the ages do vary from young children to 18 year- olds. It is quite common that siblings stay with each other in these foster care systems and hope to be adopted together. Many of these children are perfectly healthy, but they most likely were put into the system because their parents wanted a better life for them or other reasons I will save for another time. Some children may have some medical challenges, but they could be treatable if they get the right families.

To adopt through the foster care system in the United States one would have to contact an adoption organization or foster care agency. HEYYYYY if you are looking into it, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is a great place to go!!!!!!! Ok, now that we got that little promotion in there that was not paid for or by them in any way! Foster care adoption is basically the same as adopting an infant in the US (post coming next week) - I just did a post about adopting a stepchild which is extremely similar (if you didn’t check that blog post out, you definitely should because it all about the court hearings etc). There are tons of paperwork and the whole Shazam. Generally, the children who are in foster care faced some type of trauma so the adoptive parents have to go through specific training to understand how to deal with this trauma and make the child feel safe and eventually heal from that trauma. Did you know that foster care adoption cost from little to no money? Plus, financial aid is available.

The major difference about this type of adoption is the fostering part. Before, adopting the future parents or just people with good hearts have to do trainings before they can actually have the children in their house. Before the families can officially adopt, they have to foster them for a little while. This is shown to be quite beneficial for both the children and parents. Fostering for parents is extremely beneficial because it allows them to find their perfect match and learn the responsibilities that they will have to handle in the future. Having that time for getting to know the child allows the future parents to decide if that child is right for them and if they are not, they don’t have that automatic legal obligation like the other type of adoption do. The bonding is extremely beneficial for the child because it allows them to become close with the parents and really get a feel for what family should be like. Building he relationships is a mutual benefactor that will lead to a stronger relationship between the parents and children.

When it comes to foster care, the foster parents must support the child if they want to reunify with their birth parents. Of course, this could change depending on the position at which the Birth Parent is at. The court and public agency are the ones who would decide this and take care of the custody planning. The only unfortunate thing about foster care adoption is that there is always a chance that the birth parents or relatives could adopt their child and take them from the foster parents. Concurrent planning is where the foster parents support the reunification of foster care kids with their birth parents, but they also plan to adopt the child if the reunification is not possible.

Overall, adopting through foster care systems is a unique way because you have so many

options when it comes to this. People can either adopt or just take care of the children for however long unless if the birth family becomes involved. One movie that I most definitely think is a great one to watch is “Instant Family.” It just came out on pay-per view and it is all about one family’s journey through the foster care system. I won’t spoil anything, but I am telling you that it is definitely worth the while!

I wanted to thank you all for taking part in my four week campaign! I hope you all learned something because I definitely did. I hope to more posts like this, so if you have any ideas please give me a message or email! Have a great weekend.

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