Sorry for no post last week, I just wanted you all to spend time with your awesome mother’s! For my adoption spotlight this weekend I want to give a prime example of one of the adoption stories I shared in my 4-week campaign. If you get the type of adoption correct, you will get a free Made of Love Not Genes bracelet AND/OR autograph card from me! Woo! 🎉 Ladies and gents I present my cousin, MICHELLE WOODARD AND HER STORY!

Quick little backstory- Michelle‘s adoptive brother is actually her real brother. They share the same mom, but they weren’t adopted together. Specifically, they are four years apart. Michelle is in fact my adoptive cousin, but I most definitely think of her as my real cousin, well because she is! ❤️

Ok down to business! Michelle was born and adopted from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After her adoptive parents whom we will refer to as her “real” parents, could not have children of their own, they adopted a boy named Alex. Alex is Michelle’s older brother as mentioned before. Then four years later, that same mother was having another child (which was Michelle) and Michelle’s parents adopted her from birth just like Alex. In between those four years, the same mother had another child with Alex’s birth father. Before Alex, the two had another boy. The two were married but then had a divorce. The birth mother then met another man and had a baby boy with him. Then, it was Michelle who would be born by the same two people. The cool thing about Michelle is that the birth mom contacted Michelle’s parents through the adoption agency that they adopted Alex through. 

Of course deciding to put a child up for adoption is extremely difficult. When Michelle’s birth mom was planning to put her up for adoption, she did not necessarily have all the support. Her birth father didn’t want her to be put up, but he did not want to be involved. Then her birth mom’s mom did not want her to be put up for adoption because she was the first girl. Despite these setbacks, her birth mom decided right and gave Michelle a better life! 

A nice thing that the birth mother did was make an adoption book. She wrote things about herself (her favorite things, thanked about her friends, family, children’s book about adoption, talked about Alex’s birth father not Michelle’s for some reason)  So Michelle has easy access to find and connect with her. She’s considered looking into her through Facebook, but decided not to because she truly loves her adoptive “real” parents, and she has no questions for birth mom. She doesn’t need her birth mom in her life. Would be cool to meet biological brothers, but won’t due to safety hazards. 

Overall, Michelle’s adoption story has a lot of depth to it and I think that it is really neat! In the future, Michelle says that she wants to adopt her own children. 😊

Thank you all for taking the time to read this special story! Remember to submit your response in the comments section or any other way for an autograph card or bracelet or both! Need a hint: read the four posts talking about all the different types of adoption!