Seriously, where did all the time go? DECEMBER is this Sunday!! Whaaat? I am so proud to say that National Adoption Month has been pretty successful. Since, the month is almost over, I wanted to give everyone a little progress update for what’s going on at Made of Love Not Genes.

      In the beginning of the month, YOU helped me raise $350 in just 4 days for This organization provides families with adoption grants to assist with financial aspects of adopting families. So, that means we are LITERALLY building families by providing them with the money to adopt! Children are finding homes and homes are finding children; it’s something that every child should have and every home should have. Additionally, I have partnered again with Adoptions From the Heart (my adoption agency I was adopted through) to raise money for their Birth Parent Scholarship Fund in its annual Paper Hearts Project. Every dollar raised assists birth parents who have given their child a better opportunity at life through adoption financial assistance to get back on their feet. We have had these hearts sold in my high school and my Tae Kwon Do school (stay tuned for the amount we raised). World Adoption Day turned out to be awesome because the level of participation was PHENOMENAL! (Check out my social media handles to see the fun). On the website here, I have been able to share 4 adoption stories (5 if you count this one) and there are more to come! Last night was bittersweet because my year as Miss Keystone’s Outstanding Teen 2019 came to an end. However, I have had a stupendous year and I got to crown Hannah Fox yet again :) (she also son my midstate title too!). Also, I’m looking forward to my year as Miss Wilkes-Barre/Scranton’s Outstanding Teen (Any Office lovers here?). 

     Now enough about me, because I am SO PUMPED to share this perfect human’s adoption story with you. She is the bubbliest, happiest, duck-loving person EVER! She will be sharing her adoption story in her own words here, and I want to add on because she is the real deal people! With that being said here is Meredith Lesney’s Adoption Story ;)

     “Hi! I’m Meredith Lesney and I was adopted from Korea when I was four months old. I was adopted into my forever home which consisted of my mom, dad and sister who was also adopted from South Korea. I had a wonderful childhood. We did a lot as a family and took family vacations, visited my grandparents and went to the shore with my cousins. Growing up I was always curious about Korea. I would read books and watch any programs about Korea. I was always curious what my birth mother looked like.

     When I was in my 20's, my mother and I decided to take a birth land tour with my adoption agency. It was my first international trip. It was the most exciting experience of my life! The people, the smells, the sounds, the buildings and just the differences between Korea and the states were amazing! I got to go to my adoption agency and hold the babies that were being given up for adoption. Wow, did this change my life.  I even asked to go back on our free time so that I could hold those babies again. I wonder all of the time what those babies are doing today and how adoption has changed their lives.  

     I grew up in Massachusetts and then we moved to PA where I still reside today. I graduated high school, college and persused two different Masters’ degrees in technology.  I’ve been a school librarian for 17+ years. I love my job and my students. I am such a big advocate for adoption and foster care that I wrote a picture book about how “love makes a family.”  The title of my book is “Spaghetti and Meatball.” I am proud of being adopted and wanted to show others that not every family structure has to be the same. It’s the love between each other that truly makes a family.  

     I think adoption is an amazing thing. To open your heart and your home to a child or teen that needs a family is probably the best gift you could ever give to them!”

     What an AMAZING story right? It is so beautifully diverse and I am so glad you guys got to read it. Before I end this post, I wanted to add a couple things: Through the gift of adoption, Ms. Lesney was able to lead a successful, joyous life. She went to Lock Haven University for her Bachelors degree, Wilkes University for her Masters, and now she is our favorite librarian EVER! It’s not just that either, she is so involved in our school! When I had her as a teacher in middle school, she organized a multicultural potluck night to educate our school about the cultures around the world, was the leader of the Reading Olympics Team, and led the iTeam to some victorious wins! Also, we can’t forget about how Meatball is a living icon. He is the coolest duck out there and I just LOVE how she and him share their voices to spread awareness about adoption. Their work is changing lives and impacting the world! I am so honored that I got to share her story here and I hope you all enjoyed it!  ALSO if you would like a copy of Ms. Lesney’s FABULOUS book, here’s the link>>>>>

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