Happy Sunday everyone! Ofcourse as promised, we have an adoption spotlight!!!!! I am so excited to share this one with you because this person is the epitome of grace and beauty. I hope you sit back and enjoy Destiny Kluck’s adoption story. :)

At one day old, Destiny was left at a bus station in a town just outside of Nanchang, China. Unfortunately, Destiny was not able to be kept due to the One Child Policy at the time. When she was found, Destiny was then brought to an orphanage in China where she would wait to get adopted. Eventually, after 5 years total, and 2 of those years being paperwork, Destiny was placed with a forever family. An interesting fact about Destiny’s adoption, is that when she was adopted, her head was very flat. This was because she laid in a crib for so long.

Her mom said that when she heard about the one child policy and all the girls who were being given up, she felt that she had to be the one to help those girls and give them a home. She did exactly that and is an amazing human for doing that! Before Destiny, her parents fostered a child before coming to the conclusion that they did want to adopt. Destiny’s family is FULL of adoption and diversity! She has a younger sister that was also adopted and an older brother who was adopted as well. Fun fact: The place where her younger sister was adopted was just 200 miles away from where Destiny was adopted. Her parents did not think they were going to adopt another child, but they wanted Destiny to have another adoptee from another country in her life so she didn’t feel alone. In addition to her adopted siblings, she has an older sister who lives with a learning disability due to a brain bleed at a young age. Destiny’s father is also deaf. I wanted to take a second and recognize how diverse her family is. There are so many people in her family that come from different roots and have unique qualities. However, despite their differences, they have truly become a family that is “Made of Love Not Genes.”

WOW! That to me, is such an incredible story and  find so much joy in the fact that her family has so much love and adoption. The are “redefining the average American Family” and I cannot wait to see what else they all accomplish. Speaking of accomplishments, Destiny is very accomplished. No seriously, I mean REALLY accomplished! She had been dancing since the age of 2 and has found her fire and passion through dance. She says that it helps her connect with the world and find out she is as a person.

In addition to dance, Destiny is currently a students at a magnet STEM School where she currently holds a 4.5 GPA. >>>>>Peeps, that is including both honors and AP classes !!! Her academic knowledge and dedication to STEM has allowed her to become a World Science Scholar. A program where only 1 in 45 students are chosen for scholastic achievement. She aspires to be a neurosurgeon, and the rate she’s going she can take on the whole world in the meantime. Thank you so much for reading this AMAZING adoption story and I hope you guys check back for even more!!!