How did November fly by so fast? It is crazy to believe that it’s already December, but it is time to gather around and appreciate what we have and celebrate it with hot chocolate and eggnog. Then ringing in the New Year with friends, family, pets, you name it. I wanted to thank all of you who have been with me throughout National Adoption Month and read the adoption stories and helped me fundraise. It truly means the world. If you’re new, welcome! Check out the blog for more adoption stories and educational articles written by yours truly. ;) Anyway, I wanted to end National Adoption Month with this beautiful adoption story of this beautiful family. When we think about adoption, it is not commonly perceived as plausible because of the mix of blood. However, this story shows that adoption is not an invalid way to build a family and the beauty of diversity in a family.

       Without further ado, I cannot wait to share Christy Gior’s story! 

       Their story first begins when Christy decided to foster. She was inspired to foster children because she grew up with her parents fostering. Additionally, one of her friends had adopted a girl through the foster care system and everyone just loved her. These factors made it an easy decision for Christy because they already knew what it was like and all the joy it brought! 

       When they first decided to foster, it was a little challenging at first because people were judgmental. However, as their kids grew up, people turned out to be supportive and kind-hearted more than ever which created an accepting environment that could be enjoyed by all. Another neat thing about having children of different ethnicities is that she has been able to learn how to do her daughter’s hair which was a challenge at first, but now she loves every second of it!

       It took Christy 2 years and 8 months for her most recent adoption which was on October 30th of 2019. Now they are a beautiful family of 7. After 8 years of fostering, Christy and her husband are proud to say that she has 4 daughters and 1 boy each of a different ethnicity. Her kids are African American, Japanese, and Brazilian. She says that they are unique and different from each other, but the entire family is bonded through love not biologically. They are all born within 3 years of each other too. Christy and her husband have three 7 year-olds, a 5 years-old, and a 4 year-old. Christy says that her family was chosen and her girls were meant to found her, meant to be sisters, and meant to grow up together. Everything falls into place and there is a plan just waiting to unfold.

       Christy says “not one family is the same. Don’t be afraid of differences. Nowadays it is refreshingly common to see different skin tones and backgrounds within a family.” 

       Huge thank you to Christy for sharing her story and once again, thank you all for sharing the month of November with me! 

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