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Join the Fam!
  • Fundraising Head

  • Social Media Head

  • Outreach/Marketing Head

  • Event Head

Fundraising Team - Our projects will need to be funded and we still need to cover a few legal fees. With that being said, we need a dedicated team that will be able to raise money in your own community by bringing this organization to your schools, community organizations, and more. Creative and interactive fundraising events are a good asset to build your entrepreneurship skills! 

Social Media/Graphic Design - This branch will be the creators of social media content which includes gathering community photos from our projects to creating graphic design posts. Be ready to highlight sensitive topics including abortion and other contemporary issues. There is no research needed on your end because we will have a separate branch for that. Experience in the art field and digital platforms including adobe and Canva is recommended, but not required.

Outreach/Marketing - We are an international nonprofit with an intention to send as many donations overseas and domestically as possible. You will need experience in networking, cold emailing, etc. to reach out to numerous organizations for collaboration and prospective recipients. This branch will be fast pace and energetic so if you have an outgoing personality, here is your pick!


Research - Calling all behind the scenes people!!! If you are not comfortable talking or interacting with large groups, this is for you. Through this team, you will be able to learn more about our world. Your role is to compile statistics, studies, and facts that can be used for our website and social media.


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